Beneath the Mask: Artists, Archives and A/Gender at the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury

March 16th 2017

10.00am – 4.00pm

With wonderful support I have organised the forthcoming event: 'Artists, Archives and A/Gender'. It will provide an exciting day of events, exhibitions and spectacle prompted by Claude Cahun's exploration of identities and masking. This one-day event is in partnership with UAL's Photography and the Archive Research Centre's 'Moose on the Loose' 2017 Festival. Contributions from a number of CCCU's centres’ for research include: the Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures; the Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice (INCISE); the Centre for Practice-Based Research in the Arts plus the South East Archive of Seaside (SEAS) Photography.

Come and join us.

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10.00am                      Early Arrivals

10.10am                      Curatorial Walk and Talk: Beneath the Mask & Latent

Katie McGown (Director of the Sidney Cooper)

10.40am                      Arrivals & Coffee

11.00am                      Welcome & Introductions by

Dr Karen Shepherdson (Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Communities & Cultures), Katie McGown & Dr Sara Davidmann (Moose on the Loose 2017 Guest Curator / PARC)

11.10am                      The Photographic Techniques of Claude Cahun as Masked Artist,

James Stevenson, (Director of the V&A Photographic Studio, rtd)

11.40am                      Latent A Hidden History: Homosexuality and the Archive,

In Conversation I – Artist Dr Sam Vale (CCCU) with Prof Stephen Maddison (UEL)

12.10pm                      The Blushing Pavilion,

Presentation by independent artist and curator Carlos Maria Romero

12.40pm                      LUNCH with sweet treats curated/sponsored by PARC

1.40pm                      Creative collaborations and bringing “Ken: To be Destroyed” into     publication,

Dr Sara Davidmann and Prof Val Williams (Director of PARC) in conversation with Dr Karen Shepherdson,

 2.10pm                      Older Women Rock! Poetry as provocation and witness

Performance Poet Leah Thorn (ECPD International Research Fellow) with performance and interactions with the Catwalk Artists

 2.45pm                      Fribs, Tribs and a deaf Tyre Smith: a brief history of androgyny,

Prof Chris Mounsey (University of Winchester)

3.15pm                        Responder to the Day

Prof Bee Scherer (Director of INCISE/CCCU) Responder

3.30-4pm                    Close, Conversations & Slow Farewells