Reimagining Place & Space: The Seaside as a Site of Community Repair

(An illustrated paper presented at the Institute for Public Policy & Professional Practice: Arts, Health and Wellbeing Symposium, Tate Liverpool, 27 November 2015)

Abstract: This illustrated presentation considered how CCCU's Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures has been utilising the seaside to gather together various communities living along the Isle of Thanet's south east coastline. These curated gatherings seek to offer voice to those who often and understandably feel placed at the margins. Through public events and exhibitions the Centre for Research' seeks to enable the sharing of narrative histories and experiences to take place within a site of play (the seaside and the water's edge). Through the case study of 'Seabathers: Reflections and Responses' new understandings can be established, misperceptions repaired and the space of Thanet reimagined.